All the comfort you can wish

Create your own unique lifestyle and surround yourself with nature, art and innovative amenities with the lakeside house – PARKLAND 1. Choose comfort for you and your family and bring the living experience of your dreams come true.


Cycling Trail

Parking (On-Street & Basement)



Kid's Play Area

Green Area

Jogging Trail

Dog Park

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Parkland 1

The best credit terms
Credit for 30 years BY MTBANK
1st Year Rate
0 %
0 %
Without Guarantors
up to 0 k
Of the Apartment’s Value
up to 0 %

“North Waterfront” in cooperation with MTBank provides exclusive financing terms for purchasing apartments. The flat’s price remains unchanged when bought on credit.

Loans are approved for a duration of up to 30 years, covering up to 90% of the flat’s value. The assessment considers income earned in Belarus and in allied nations, along with dividends, rental property profits, and other verified sources of income.

In determining the overall income, the expanded list of family members takes into account not only close relatives but also encompasses the parents of spouses, siblings, children, and the spouses of children.

During the initial 12 months, the interest rate is set at 0,001%, and subsequently increases to only 13.965% * Linked to the NBRB overnight rate. Early repayment is permitted without incurring any penalties or fees.